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Software Engineer, Tinkerer, Homebrew, and Sourdough

Hi, welcome to my page.

I’m Zack. I’m a Software Engineer, ex-Microsoft. I like to tinker and make stuff, bake sourdough, and homebrew beer making.

New Projects that still need some work

DB Diagram

The goal of this project is to create a tool to allow the auto-generation of diagrams and documentation of database schema using tools like PlantUML or Mermaid and Markdown.

DB Diagram

I’m currently targeting Dataverse and SQL Server.

MUD prototype

In college, I got into playing MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon) on the Internet. MUDs are text based online games that pre-dated and inspired the MMORPGs that exist today, such as World of Warcraft and EVE Online.

I had the idea to try to write my own MUD in C# to explore some ideas that I had, but as I explored the idea I realized that with the base game engine there were some other types of games/simulations that I’d wanted to try that this would also make possible.

MUD Prototype

Initial Goals are:

Later Goals:

Currently in Prototyping and Design Phase. I’ve gone through a few iterations of a storage layer in SQL Server and have notes on game mechanics and engine design.

Presentations and Training

I’ve given talks and presentations on Docker and Kubernetes at the Atlanta Developers Conference, Atlanta Code Camp, and Macon .NET User Group.

Azure Kubernetes Service and Queue based Autoscaling with KEDA

Fun with Kubernetes AKS

Kubernetes 2018 Presentation

Atlanta Code Camp Docker Presentation


DB Patch Manager

Database development and DevOps tool for managing schema changes in a source control branch and PR compatible way.

DB Patch Manager

SQL Server Plugin

DB Patch Manager - SQL Server Plugin

SQL Package Docker Image

Microsoft SQL Package tool packaged into a Docker container. Useful in CI/CD Pipelines.

SQL Package Docker Image


I have a huge collection of LinqPad scripts for code examples.

LinqPad Scripts

SQL GO Splitter

Nuget package for separating SQL files by parsing for the GO keyword.

SQL GO Splitter

Nested Data Tables

This is a project I created when I was writing a lot of jQuery.

DataTables is a really cool grid for displaying, filtering, organizing data, mostly used with jQuery.

My project is an extension that allows developers to create dynamic drill downs into child data.

Nested DataTables